Played in teams and based on TV's Family Fortunes and complete with sound effects. And yes we actually surveyed 100 people! Great to play before your quiz as a warm up or after when people have had a drink or two.

Cost: £2.75 per game including set of six questions.

Your need:
Big screen!
Laptop or PC connected to the internet and your big screen
Team colours - white, yellow, cyan, red, green, pink, orange, silver, purple & blue. You could use painted wooden spoons, hats, coloured marker pens - be inventive, it's part of the fun.
Six pieces of blank paper per team - we suggest cutting up A4 sheets in half and half again.
Pens or markers
Presenter and someone to control the game

Setting up:
Decide whther it's fun or for a prize. You could charge 2 a team and make that the winnings or offer some other prize like a gallon of beer.
Make sure each team playing has their team colour displayed.
Each team needs six pieces of paper and a marker pen.
Read out the rules.

1. Teams are competing against each other. The team with the highest score after six rounds wins the prize.
2. We surveyed 100 people - yes, we actually did! - the top answers for each question are hidden on our board.
3. When the question is revealed you have ten seconds to write down an answer.
4. Each team shows their answer. If it matches one of the top answers the answer will be revealed aong with the number of pointsit is worth.
5. If a team gives the same answer as another team the points are shared - so it's not always best to go for the most obvious answer.
6. Each team's score is shown at the bottom of the screen.
7. If there are answers still hidden after all teams have shown their answers, there is a second opportunity to find the missing answers. Each team writes down a second answer on the other side of the paper and these are shown as before.
8. If there are still missing answers these are revealed.
9. The next question is revealed and the game continues.

Notes for the presenter:
Remind your teams that the answers are based on an actual survey of 100 random people.
Once the question is revealed read it out and then say 'top five answers on our board'.
Get teams to wrote their answers in big letters so everyone can see when they hold them up.
Make your teams put down their markers before getting the answers.
For each answer say something like 'the white team think it's _______, our survey said...' and your controller should then reveal the answer or no match.
If you get a duplicate answer remind everyone that the points are shared.
If you get a ridiculous answer that you're confident will not be in the answers, you can say 'if that's on our board I'll give you the money myself!'.
Remember to encourage people fo they give a good answer that doens't appear.
After each set of answers go through the scores.
This game works well with a wireless microphone so you can walk round your teams.